Who We Serve

Services are available to children between birth and eight years of age who are identified with a delay in one or more areas of development by the county or school district in which they reside. An individual plan, formulated by teachers, therapists, parents and others, becomes the basis of each child's program.

Children with the following conditions may be eligible for admission:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Speech/Language Impairment
  • Visual Impairment
  • Emotional Disorder
  • Autism
  • Multiply Disabled
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Other Orthopedic Impairments
  • Other Health Impairments

If you have concerns about your child's development go to our referral page for guidance and support.

Area Served

The Children's League provides services to children within a 50-mile radius of Springville, New York. We serve or have served portions of Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, and Wyoming Counties. If you would like to know whether we serve your area call 716-592-9331.


If you have concerns about your child's developmental progress, you are probably wondering what to do, who to contact, and when to ask for help? WE CAN HELP

  • It is a good idea to look at a Developmental Checklist like the one from The Early Childhood Direction Center. Keep in mind that all children develop at different rates and that checklists indicate the typical time frames for skill attainment.
  • Looking for Developmental Red Flags can be very helpful in terms of helping you decide when it is time to get help.
  • If have concerns that your child may be showing signs of Autism check out the Red Flags of Autism link.  Our agency is one of the few sites in Western New York that conducts Autism Evaluations.
  • It is very important that whenever a parent suspects that there may be developmental delays or red flags that you go through a Referral Process to ensure that your child gets the help he or she needs. Doctors used to take a "wait and see" approach, but today it is clear that early intervention is the key to the greatest possible outcomes for children with such issues.
  • Often, pediatrician's can be helpful in determining whether it is appropriate to make a referral for further evaluation.

We can help you through the Process.

Referral Process

Our Playground

Nestled in a park-like setting and surrounded by a winding concrete path, this play area is accessible to all children. Additional features include:

  • Traditional, adapted and tire swings
  • Dance Chimes in memory of the League's longtime attorney, Dale J. Manchester and his daughter, Janey English.
  • Wooded pathways
  • Shaded picnic area
  • Unique playhouses
  • Enticing child-friendly landscaping and gardens