Multiple Disabilities

For children with multiple disabilities and/or medical fragility we offer a specialized program that delivers an environment tailored to meet the unique sensory, cognitive, movement, and medical needs of each individual child. Theme oriented activities are designed to both increase visual, spatial, and auditory awareness as well as decrease tactile and/or other sensory defensiveness. This classroom actively employs a multidisciplinary approach employing the expertise and compassion of a Certified Special Education Teacher, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, and an RN and LPN.

Sensory Room

  • Above is an interactive bubble tower and on the right is a vibroacoustic water bed.

  • This interactive piece of equipment is called Musical Squares. 

  • A lighted vibroacoustic ball bath. Here is the ball bath in use. 

  • This boy is sitting on a vibroacoustic chaise with fiber optic cable on his lap and knees.

  • Here the child is enjoying the vibroacoustic chaise with fiber optic lights.  

  • Here is the bubble tower in use in the dark. It has multiple color settings.

  • Looking at the bubble tower through the fiber optic cables over the waterbed.