The children's league

The Children's League is a subsidiary of our parent organization The League for the Handicapped, Inc.

Currently, The  Children's League (TCL) serves children in a center-based program, while also providing therapeutic and special education services for children in their homes or in other community-based settings. The children we serve have a variety of conditions, including speech or language impairment, autism, intellectual disabilities, orthopedic impairment (cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and spinal muscular atrophy), multiple disabilities, other health impairment such as emotional disturbance, learning disability, traumatic brain injury, and visual impairment.

We are an organization that was built by families who had children with special needs. Many of our current staff have special family members of their own and we pride ourselves on our focus on families and sensitivity to the unique challenges young families face when they learn that their child has a special need.  We are compelled and obligated to provide a learning environment that stimulates the child's interest in learning and maximizes educational gains.


Our Playground

Nestled in a park-like setting and surrounded by a winding concrete path, this play area is accessible to all children. Additional features include:

  • Traditional, adapted and tire swings
  • Dance Chimes in memory of the League's longtime attorney, Dale J. Manchester and his daughter, Janey English.
  • Wooded pathways
  • Shaded picnic area
  • Unique playhouses
  • Enticing child-friendly landscaping and gardens